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The Best Couples Sex Games

Posted on 10th Apr 2012 @ 2:13 PM

Sex is a key factor in maintaining a good relationship among couples. The quality of the sex life experienced by couples somehow determines the quality of the relationship as a whole. It is mostcouples sex games important among married couples, whose sex lives have more likely sizzled down through the years. But don’t worry – there are still a lot of means for you to spice up your sex life. One thing you can do is to engage in a variety of couples sex games.

All About Couples Sex Games

Couples sex games – that are often pre-emptive of the intercourse – are done to build up the excitement before proceeding with the real thing. And what’s more: it can be done outside the confines of your bedroom with very minimal props (but then, that’s up to you depending on your preference). It’s like bringing foreplay to a whole new level. One of the most popular couples sex games ever is strip poker. Two or more players play a game of poker, and every time someone loses, he or she is required to remove an article of clothing. 

Another kind of couples sex games that is fast gaining popularity is the modified dice games. Instead of dots, words such as, “lick,” “bite,” and “suck” are written across the sides of the first die. The second die indicates the body parts – that range from the relatively wholesome (“lips”) to downright smutty (“pussy”). The player rolls the two dice together, and will do what is indicated in the dice to the person seated next to him or her. Like the former, it can be done with two or more players to add up to the excitement. Another enjoyable variety is the Kama Sutra version of charades, wherein colored circles are replaced with names of body parts and is played naked.

Check Out The Dice Here

If you are into more elaborate couples sex games, you and your partner can try role-playing. Some of the most popular roles taken on are the teacher-student, strangers hooking up in the bar (with one of you playing the role of the bachelor/bachelorette, and the other one stuck in an unhappy relationship), and BDSM, among many others. You can also try to improvise. And you need not do these in your own homes. You can meet up somewhere for an added element of adventure. And of course, don’t forget the costumes.

The key to successful couples sex games is creativity so always improvise. Rest assured that that would keep your sex life going satisfactorily for years.